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About us

Lumaux is an investment fund that focuses on Dutch high-tech start-ups and scale-ups in an early stage of development. We believe that in today’s investment market there is room for a dedicated and supportive fund to drive the growth of these companies. Our focus is on finding promising opportunities in the high-tech sector and providing capital and resources to help these companies grow. Our fund managers have extensive experience in strategy, engineering, finance and legal matters. As a result, Lumaux not only offers financial support, but wants to be a valuable all-round partner for management

Our Values


Lumaux is driven by quality. Based on in-depth professional knowledge and extensive practical experience, Lumaux continues to raise the bar. For ourselves, our companies, but also for the industry.


What is good today must be even better tomorrow. That is why we support Dutch high-tech companies and pay a lot of attention to creative and smart solutions in all fields. We want to contribute directly or indirectly to a better living environment.


Together with the portfolio companies, the Lumaux team actively and enthusiastically seeks solutions for the wide range of challenges that come their way. We fulfill a caring role and support so that we continue to take steps together.


As an involved investor, we are a valued discussion partner. Each Lumaux team member takes responsibility from his or her own expertise to make a strong contribution to this collaboration. This can be from strategy, technology and innovation, finance and legal affairs.


Lumaux is an honest investment fund with a great sense of responsibility. When we pledge our support, everyone can count on us to deliver.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

Powered by Lumipol Group

Lumaux is een initiatief van de mensen achter de Lumipol Group. Samen met andere (private) investeerders zet Lumipol zich in om jonge tech scale ups toegang te geven tot groei. Lumipol is de moederorganisatie van een aantal toonaangevende, internationaal opererende technologie bedrijven. Met deze ervaring kunnen
de investeringen rekenen op de juiste support