LUMO Labs and Lumaux invest in AirHub

This new infusion of capital, network, and expertise allows AirHub to strengthen its operations in Europe and powers the startup’s plans to expand into the Middle East, Asia, and South America, in response to the global demand for advanced drone solutions. “In an increasingly complex and fragile world, drones have become an essential tool for […]

Investment in SenseGlove

Haptics gloves SenseGlove is a high-tech scale up located in Delft, the Netherlands, that develops and produces haptic gloves. Its latest glove, the Nova, provides users with force- and vibrotactile feedback. By applying resistance through its magnetic friction brakes, the Nova emulates the feeling of size and stiffness (force feedback). The vibrotactile feedback allows the […]

Official launch of Lumaux

Multi-disciplinary team and resources Lumaux will support high potential businesses with a multi-disciplinary team and resources. The team believes that in the current investment environment there is room for a dedicated, resourceful and supportive investment fund. Its fund managers have gained extensive experience in strategic, technical, financial and legal matters, and aim to actively support […]