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Investment focus

The markets on which Lumaux focuses – robotics, energy transition and mobility – have already expanded significantly in recent history and are expected to continue to grow. We see many opportunities for companies active in these markets. These companies have great dynamism and offer solutions for everyday challenges and urgent issues such as labor shortages, rising (production) costs and climate change.

Investment focus

Companies in our portfolio are innovative and technology driven companies that have developed their own product (soft- and/or hardware), and that are active in the field(s) of robotics, energy transition and/or mobility.


Robotics is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily activities, with applications in various markets such as inspection and maintenance, healthcare, agriculture, cleaning and logistics. We see great potential in robotics and artificial intelligence within these markets, and believe companies in the robotics industry are well positioned to benefit from these trends.

Energy transition

A smooth but responsible transition to clean(er) and renewable energy sources is of great importance. There is already a lot going on in various (industrial) applications, for example with regard to the transition to more sustainable forms of powertrains (such as batteries and hydrogen). In our view, companies in this market are also well positioned to benefit from this trend and the developments that will continue to take place at a rapid pace in the coming years.


Innovation in mobility is essential for creating a more sustainable and efficient transport system. Mobility is a fast-growing field, especially in the field of electric and autonomous vehicles. In addition, innovations in the field of mobility can help us reduce our ecological footprint. Due to technological progress and increasing consumer interest in sustainable transport options, we see a lot of market potential for startups and scale-ups active in this segment.

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How we invest

'Sweet spot' between €250K and €2.5M
Investment horizon of 5 - 7 years on average
Minority stake

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