LUMO Labs and Lumaux invest in AirHub

LUMO Labs and Lumaux have announced a strategic investment of €1,000,000 in Dutch startup AirHub for their Drone Operations Center, a mobile software platform and online dashboard essential for managing drone fleets in security, critical infrastructure and emergency response operations with unmatched precision and adherence to global standards.
16 April 2024

This new infusion of capital, network, and expertise allows AirHub to strengthen its operations in Europe and powers the startup’s plans to expand into the Middle East, Asia, and South America, in response to the global demand for advanced drone solutions.

“In an increasingly complex and fragile world, drones have become an essential tool for keeping our society operational’, says Stephan van Vuren, co-CEO of AirHub. “With the investment from LUMO and Lumaux, AirHub is poised to take the next step in automating drone operations on a large scale, ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.”

The AirHub Drone Operations Center significantly boosts operational capabilities for critical infrastructure and emergency response operations, ensuring adherence to the strictest safety, security, and regulatory standards, with tailored applications for mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, and DJI Smart Controller, along with an intuitive online dashboard,

“AirHub Drone Operations Center is a lifesaving gamechanger”, says Andy Lürling, Founding Partner of LUMO Labs. “Rapid urbanization, changing demographics, and the sequence of technological breakthroughs, call for a profound redesign of the governance, operations, and underlying infrastructure of e.g., our cities. Emerging technologies, including robotics and autonomous vehicles, hold the key, but the actual use to society is often held back as they face many challenges in meeting safety, security, and regulatory standards. AirHub helps overcome these obstacles and allows better use of drones in critical infrastructure and emergency response operations.”

“We are excited to support AirHub as they expand their influence globally and continue to set new standards in the drone industry”, says Sven Bakkes, Founding Partner of LUMO Labs. “It exemplifies our commitment to advancing technologies that make a significant impact.”

“As AirHub continues to lead and innovate within the drone market, this strategic investment represents a significant step in our evolution,” says Thomas Brinkman, co-CEO of AirHub.  “With the backing of LUMO and Lumaux, we are now more equipped than ever to respond to the increasing international demand and cement our position as industry leaders”.

“The mobile drone market is going to explode in the coming years, and we believe that AirHub is going to play a pivotal role worldwide to accelerate this industry and make mobile drone deployments safer and better,” says Freek Dielissen, Fund Manager at Lumaux. “AirHub’s management team has shown they have all the expertise, knowledge, network and drive to make it a huge success! We very much look forward to working with them”.

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