Official launch of Lumaux

A new technology-focused investment fund is launched in the Netherlands, aiming to support growth of innovative start-ups and scale-ups. The Dutch Tech fund, named Lumaux, aims to invest in early-stage start-ups and scale-ups, active in one or more of the following market segments: robotics, energy transition, and mobility. Its experienced and ambitious team is eager to get started and to fulfil its mission of “taking tech to the next level”.
27 March 2023

Multi-disciplinary team and resources
Lumaux will support high potential businesses with a multi-disciplinary team and resources. The team believes that in the current investment environment there is room for a dedicated, resourceful and supportive investment fund. Its fund managers have gained extensive experience in strategic, technical, financial and legal matters, and aim to actively support all aspects of the businesses of portfolio companies. Hence Lumaux does not merely provide financial support, but aims to be a valuable partner for management.

Lars Krieckaert, fund manager at Lumaux: “We are very proud to launch our new fund and we are eager to provide our support to accelerate growth in all aspects of the company. We believe the diversification of our team and experience as entrepreneurs will allow us to better support management of portfolio companies and accelerate growth and value.”

Growing markets
The markets that Lumaux targets – robotics, energy transition, and mobility – have already shown tremendous growth in recent history, and are expected to expand even further.

Edwin Rammeloo, fund manager at Lumaux: “We see a lot of opportunities for companies active in the targeted markets. These companies have great momentum, providing solutions for every day challenges and urgent matters like labor shortage, rising (production) costs and climate change. Companies providing solutions to these problems, will be able to quickly scale the sale of its products and services.”

Investment criteria
Lumaux has set (high level) investment criteria for potential investments, like: high tech start-ups and scale-ups (portfolio mix of early- and later stage companies), software/hardware product combination and situated in The Netherlands.

Lumaux is currently completing its first investment and will soon share more information about this exciting partnership.

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